There is no money on the Internet.

There is no money on the Internet.

「Allen Rodore-san, I see… I’ll never forget that name for the rest of my life. Thank you, you’re an amazing person. Thank you so much. Truly, truly, thank you!」

Guin-san, who has been suffering from that curse for many years, expressed his sincere gratitude.

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「I’m really glad that you’re feeling well. Please do your best in rehabilitation.」

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When I said that, he laughed happily.

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「I will surely repay this huge favor someday. Please look forward to it!」

「Yes, I’m looking forward to that time.」

Besides that, there was also Fei Huang Workspace’s new project.

After the ‘reputation-based reward’ stipulation was set-regardless if it was the games department of the short videos department in Fei Huang Workspace, there would definitely be adjustments to these departments’ direction.

However, in the near future, Fei Huang Workspace would still have many sponsored partnerships.

Hence, Pei Qian felt that he could consider ‘helping’ Fei Huang Workspace, to let them know the negative aspects of sponsored partnerships and let them see the crowd response. That way, he could justify the shift in business model from a for-profit to a reputation-based one.

As the saying went—if one did not experience storms, they wouldn’t be able to see a rainbow. It wasn’t that easy to successfully make flowers bloom in a greenhouse.

Cough, cough. Alright, Pei Qian actually just wanted them to do less sponsored partnerships. After all, only two months were left before the next settlement. To get the system’s special prize, Pei Qian couldn’t allow for anything to go wrong!

As for how he was going to act on this.

Pei Qian logged onto Aili Island quietly as he sent a private message to a UP Master called ‘Shaohu Reviews’.

After the last incident, Pei Qian more or less guessed that the people behind Shaohu Reviews were formidable. Whether it was sponsored partnerships or shooting some product down, Shaohu Reviews had a knack for it.

Pei Qian didn’t believe that such a UP Master didn’t know any fake reviewers. He had taken particular note of this UP Master previously precisely for an occasion like this.