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However, many of the things we have to do are the same as what we had to do for the midterms.

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In that sense, this test could be considered less difficult than either of the summer special exams. Just as the sports festival tests the class’s physical strength, this test can be said to be a test of the class’s academic knowledge.

"If you can do something, you should do it. After all, we’ve been given hints."

"Well, I'm aware of that."

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Horikita answered calmly and continued:

"You always pay attention to what the other person says and does. This school loves to hide hints in everything they tell us. The key facts that should be picked out from what Chabashira-sensei told us are that the results of these quizzes will not affect our grades, that the criteria for failing the overall grade has yet to be determined, and that who is chosen as our partner will be determined after the quizzes end.

I couldn't help but smile in the face of this perfect and delightful understanding.

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Soon after, Hirata, who had been called over, came to meet with us.

“Thanks for waiting. This is to discuss our plans for the final exam, correct?”

He then calls over Karuizawa. Karuizawa stares at us with annoyance, but ultimately responds to his request and approaches Horikita.

"I'm sorry, I thought it would be better if we discussed this right away."

At the beginning of the school year, anyone would have been surprised to hear Horikita ask for anyone, but now that Horikita acted as a representative for the class, students had begun to take it naturally.

"If it's alright with you, I'd like to start right away."

"What, here? I object. Since we’re just going to be talking, let’s go to Pallet. Shall we, Yōsuke?"

Karuizawa clasped Hirata's arm and pulled to indicate her presence. When I first met Karuizawa, she would often do things like this and act like a spoiled brat. Pallet, by the way, is a cafe on campus. It’s a vibrant place where many female students gather during lunch break and after school. When I looked at Karuizawa, our eyes met for a moment. I don’t remember saying anything in particular, but Karuizawa quickly detached from Hirata’s arm, although she remained visibly irritated.