Online regular earning road

Online regular earning road

“I don’t think that’s necessary. If you were willing to transfer the prize, why weren’t you allowed to?” Xia Jiang asked.

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Bao Xu pondered for a moment and said, “I think the company was treating me well. In the beginning, I was firmly against leaving. However, after traveling twice, everyone said that I looked much better. My health improved as well.

“I think they did not allow me to transfer the prize because I needed the exercise.

“This is probably how employees are being cared for here. Although I was conflicted, I knew in my heart that it was right.”

After that came Lin Wan and Lu Mingliang’s interviews.

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Each one of them had impressive resumes, and they seemed to shine brightly.

Lin Wan was a director who had taken part in the research and development of Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version. She was also the one who decided to turn it into a mobile game.


Lu Mingliang was the creator of Game Designer and the mocking voice in the game. Now, he was the man in charge of Upwind Logistics.

Both of these interviews were about the same as Huang Sibo’s. As they spoke, they seemed to hint at an ‘invisible person’ giving them directions as they produced their respective games.

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After these interviews, Xia Jiang finally came to a conclusion.

“These four outstanding employees of Tengda are remarkable representatives of a hundred others in the company.