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I slowly dipped my foot into the bathtub while taking in the sight of sakura blossom petals floating in the bathtub.

「Aah, yes….」

My voice naturally leaked out when I submerged upto my shoulder.

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(The temperature is just perfect.)

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From toe to thigh, from thighs to torso, from torso to every end of the body.

A soft, powerful “warmth” spread. It warmed even the core of my body.

「Indeed, this is out of this world.」

Sebas-san muttered, with a captivated expression.

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「Bararararara… Indeed, the hot spring here is the best.」

Bacchus-san stretched out his big body and closed his eyes partially.

Sitting around in a very pleasant atmosphere, we naturally started talking about our life stories.

I shared about the hard but fulfilling peasant life in Goza Village.

Sebas-san shared the culture and customs of the Holy Ronelia Empire, as well as the system of the Black Organization and the authority given to the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle and the Four Knights directly under the Emperor.

Bacchus-san shared about the delicacies and famous sake that he found on his travels during his warrior path, as well as rare soul dress abilities that he had seen so far.

Our stories, each of which were quite different to each other, were very exciting.

About 30 minutes have passed since we dipped into the hot spring. The skin of my hands became a little pruney.

「Well then, it’s about time I got out」.

Sebas-san said, and stood up slowly so as not to make waves in the bathtub.