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“They felt that the competition for the release of the movie was too strong and did not dare to face us head-on, so they moved it to the 14th?”

“It looks like the quality of Mission and Choice is not that good!”

The reason why Lu Xiaoping was so happy was not only because they had one less competitor, but also because it exposed the weak strength of Mission and Choice.

If Tengda was very confident in the movie ‘Mission and Choice’, they would definitely choose to fight it out with the other movies when it was released on May 1st. After all, the traffic during the Golden Week would definitely crush ordinary holidays.

However, Tengda would rather give up on the prime-time week’s traffic and move up the schedule. That meant that the producers did not have any confidence in this movie at all. They did not intend to go head to head with the other movies. They only wanted to choose an unpopular schedule to deceive as many viewers as possible.

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This thought might be a little ridiculous but Lu Xiaoping could not think of any other possibilities.

Lu Xiaoping made a bold guess. ‘Mission and Choice’ must have made some major mistakes or setbacks during filming. The movie that was produced in the end could not satisfy Tengda at all. Thus, the project that he had high hopes for was given up. He only wanted to choose an unpopular screening period and barely recoup some of his costs.

The only film that might pose a threat to Greyhound was gone. Wouldn’t that be taking off on the spot?

He had to admit that this was good news!

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Lu Xiaoping was very happy. He even felt that he could do something about this.

The promotional activities for Greyhound had already been launched. The publicity material for the offline had been fully spread. Many movie theaters could see the huge publicity posters for the Greyhound movie.

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However, Lu Xiaoping was not satisfied. He felt that this was not enough.

Based on the current situation, there were no strong competitors in the schedule of Greyhound. The box office success was almost certain. The more money spent on publicity, the more famous it would be, and the higher the box office.