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With her secret being seen through, she pursed her lips frustratedly.

Looking really closely, there was slight water vapour in the air around me.

This water vapour was brought forth with her ability, thus it is something similar to a clone, so to speak.

(The president must have learned the movement of my muscles, the location of my center of gravity, and the angle at which I swung the sword, through this water vapor.)

From that information, she read my next move and perfectly defended my slashes.

It is a feat only possible due to the president’s intellect and sharpened swordsmanship.

However, you can easily overcome it if you understand the mechanism behind it.

「Well then, how about this?」

I stretched out ten darkness high into the sky and slapped them onto the schoolyard simultaneously.

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Clouds of dust rolled up together with a thunderous roar, and the fine grains of soil absorbed the water vapor.

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It will be impossible to read my movements after this.

(It’s about time to settle this!)

I kicked the ground strongly, and closed in on the president within a single breath.