Is online purchase of virtual items to make money?

Is online purchase of virtual items to make money?

“Please have some tea; Boss Pei will be here soon.”

Qiu Hong nodded hurriedly. “Sure, sure.”

Qiu Hong drank his tea while yearning for the Tengda Games after Assistant Xin left the guest room.

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Qiu Hong had been preparing to contact his friends in the circle, wanting to regroup and start another company to develop new projects after he gave his lectures to ‘Boss Ma’.

However, he had yet to decide what project it should be, which naturally could not convince any investors to invest in the projects.

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Qiu Hong did accumulate a lot of wealth through Krypton Gold Online Games, but he had basically exhausted everything when he failed in his own business previously.

The cultural industry was highly subjective, especially more so in the game industry.

When one succeeded, one would be smug, and they would feel right in everything. However, when one failed, one would fall into deep self-doubt and feel worthless.

Qiu Hong was now struggling with that. He would like to re-open a company and develop a successful game, but he felt like he wasn’t prepared enough so he felt lost.

‘Boss Ma’ called again at this time exactly to invite him to Jingzhou, saying that there was cooperation with Tengda, which needed face-to-face discussion.

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They did not say what was wrong over the phone.

If it was another company, Qiu Hong may not think much about it since there was a feeling of relying on someone else’s charity after his entrepreneurial pursuit.

It was the Tengda Corporation after all, and Qiu Hong had a relationship with Boss Ma—which was why he decided to come.

He had always gone straight to the cafe near Handong University when he came to Jingzhou previously. This time, Qiu Hong finally entered the Tengda Corporation.

Spacious workstations, enviable benefits, the employees’ great mental state...