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Because of that anxiety, when I learned that Earth was trying to beat me and win the match and confess to something, I was so happy that I could ascend to heaven.

And when Earth wielded enough power to overwhelm Rebal, I was astonished, but at the same time thrilled.

The charm of Earth as a man exceeded my tolerance, and I was so aroused that I wanted him to embrace me immediately.

However, Earth ran away from me who was in such a dreamy state.

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I have no idea why. He hit Lord Hiro, despaired over something, and, according to hearsay, wielded the power of the once-destroyed Great Demon King.

I was always with him at the academy and had many a mock battle with Earth.

I know the power of Earth better than anyone else in the world, even better than Sadiz. Even I didn’t know the power that Earth wielded.

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It was clear that something was happening to Earth without my knowledge.

However, no matter how much I think about it, I couldn’t understand it.

That’s why I’m on the chase for him.

No matter what kind of wife I become, I will not be a woman who just sits still.

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“Phianse... No..... Princess. Leave it up to us to track Earth down.”

“What did you say, Lady Mamu? As a wife, would you leave your husband if he ran from home?”

“That... yeah...... me, Hiro and His Majesty... if it really did happen someday. We were talking about our dreams.... but...... that was our wish.... and we were ignoring Earth’s feelings. And we...”

“To you... I’m really sorry... we’ve done something that gave you strange expectations....”

Really. I’ve even made my future mother this concerned for me.

In other words, in the current situation where Earth has done various things and has been cursed by the people of the Imperial City, it would be difficult for Earth to become my husband, and it was rather difficult to let me do this out of concern for the trouble he would cause me...