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I replied absent-mindedly to Amano-kun’s sudden and worried question.

“No, I was just disappointed and surprised that Amano-kun was the type of person to shamelessly go to an arcade with another girl.”

“But wasn’t it you that invited me!?”

When I noticed, Amano-kun had dropped his shoulders, said “There are too many trap choices… !”, and became depressed. It looks like he thought that “going to an arcade with another girl” was referring to the current situation. …Well, with how things were going, it was only natural to think that way.

When I opened my mouth to clear up the misunderstanding, I realized that telling him my train of thought would also be a problem, so as a result…

“Oh, look, it looks like a variety of new game machines have come in!”

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It looks like completely changing the topic was a solution that wasn’t well-received by Amano-kun.

“Hah… yea…”

“(Ah, he’s clearly feeling depressed now! S-sorry, Amano-kun.)”

Even though I apologized over and over in my heart, I couldn’t say my true intentions.

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Anyway, I tried to get him to forget about it as quickly as possible and pulled on his sleeve forcibly.

The arcade we arrived at was a three-story building that was different from the one I saw Amano-kun and Uehara-kun at in the past.

Without even looking around the first floor, which had crane games and photobooths aimed towards families, I headed straight for the second floor, which had video games.