Do you invest in online?

Do you invest in online?

“I know! It’s quite refreshing to spend a huge amount of money to improve your equipment. Don’t you feel comfortable as you slowly level up and reinforce your base!?”

“Yes! Ah, …I really like moving things around, even though I’m just pressing the button repeatedly.”

“I love maintenance too, even though I just have to keep pressing the button.”

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So, both of us looked at the screen as we continued the simple tasks.

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…Even so, the two of us still spent nearly 5 minutes on such a simple task.

We started chatting with each other as our hands remained busy.

“I didn’t know that we love co-op games like this.”

“Same, it’s more like we don’t like playing 1v1 games when we’re alone.”

“Ah, you’re right. I do play versus games when I’m with my little brother and the Hobby Club. So, I shouldn’t hate games like those…”

“Yeah, this feels like something special that only Keita and I will do.”

I turned around and met Chiaki’s eyes. I quickly looked away as I continued the tasks and said.

“Ah, well, right. Like whenever I’m with Tendou-san, we are always fighting each other-“

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“-Uh, hey, …Chiaki?”

Chiaki had already stopped moving the materials around when I noticed it. She looked a bit irritated and pouted slightly.

I tilted my head in confusion. Chiaki stared at the screen as she mumbled quietly.

“…If Keita’s going to talk about dating Tendou-san, and I’m saying if, …well, then I don’t really want to hear about things like this.”

I suddenly realized what she’s trying to say. So, I quickly added.