Weibo online make money true and false

Weibo online make money true and false

Kase-senpai pushed his shining glasses as he told me this proudly.

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“I’ve already…killed my own CPU teammates 8 times!”

“I’m anxious about your mental health! What’s wrong with a guy that kills his own teammates 8 times just to catch mice!”

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After I yelled that, Tendou-san suddenly let out an “ugh” grasp as she mumbled strictly.

“…Just watch, Amano-kun. I…I’m not going to lose either. I’ll kill even more teammates!”

“So what the hell are you competing over!”

I’m running out of breaths from complaining…During this time, I finally realized that I’ve abandoned my character.

In this utterly undefended state, I should’ve been killed by enemy AIs, right? I thought of this as I looked at the screen, then I found out the scene is-

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“Amano-kun, …I got your back!”

-Mizumi-kun kept killing his own teammates just to protect me!

“Why! Why are you giving everything you got just to protect an enemy like me, Mizumi-kun!”

“…Ho…why...Perhaps it’s because…even though we’re enemies,’re still my friend.”

“What a throbbing line! You’re indeed a male protagonist! But if we’re already throwing out this kind of hot-blooded friendship card in a game, we can’t play anything that involves combat!”

“Amano-kun, …what you…what you mean is that…even though we’re friends, sometimes we have to abandon our kindness…and fight each other…”

“That’s what we’re supposed to do in combat games, right!”

“Alright….Then, show me what you got, Amano-kun! Let us throw away our weapons…No, let just throw away our consoles and wrestle each other with live flesh!”