Online completion of work to make money platform

Online completion of work to make money platform

“They can still spend money if they want to. They can buy the strength potion again and again. They are limited to ten a day. The more they buy, the more expensive it becomes. If they buy the maximum number each day, they can spend a hundred ingots.”

“Don’t be silly. A hundred ingots is only equal to ten dollars! The whales aside, this is a petty sum to even poor people like me.”

“I am absolutely confused by this huge move by the officials.”

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“Our club president has gone to recharge his currencies. He says he wants to buy all the equipment before the update. Otherwise, he would not be able to buy anymore!”

“It’s too late. The changes have been made. Nobody is allowed to recharge their currencies anymore.”

“…I can’t recharge money even if I wanted to. That’s really something!”

“This reminds me of Ghost General.”

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“I have a question. According to the way things are going-once the server is open, would we all start from zero again? Will we have to spend ten yuan each day to reach the peak of our battle power?”

“According to the official release by the company, that’s it.”

“That’s not right. How will we fight wars, then? If everyone has the same battle power, wouldn’t it become a numbers game?”

“No, I think there’s going to be a ‘Chosen One’ system. Based on the number of people each side has, they will strike a balance in terms of their skills. They’ll also select players on each side according to chances to have better skills.”

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“You mean if I get chosen, then I will be able to experience taking on multiple enemies at a time?”

“Then, what are we still doing in this old server? Sell it, sell it! Sell it all! I’m going to the new server!”

Since the system first made the public announcement until the update was complete, gamers did not stop discussing the updates.

The normally silent official platform was suddenly filled with huge batches of new posts as well. People were discussing it very passionately!

Ye Zhizhou knew that gamers would not be able to understand the changes to the game that quickly. It was normal for so many people to be engaged in the discussion. In fact, it was a good thing that so many people were discussing the update. He had been afraid that people would remain silent even after such a big update. That would be terrifying

Ye Zhizhou started an alternate account to observe gamers’ reactions.

Unexpectedly, people were not opposing aggressively!

Ye Zhizhou thought that the whales would be cursing non-stop. However, after entering the game, he realized that many unsatisfied comments were quickly shot down. Nobody echoed these negative comments.