What is online to make money chess game?

What is online to make money chess game?

Well, her attitude is the same as ever, but her participating in this group is an improvement in of itself.

If it was the old Horikita, she definitely wouldn’t have come.

“Well, but… Horikita’s surprisingly nice.”

Follow up on her remark, Sudou replied.

Ever since Horikita apologized, Sudou stopped being so hostile towards her. Before, he declared her to be no good, but it looks like people change.

“Anyway, why did Sensei decide to cancel Sudou’s expulsion?”

“I was also wondering about that. What sorcery did you use, Horikita-chan?”

“Eh, don’t remember.”

“Uwa, a secret!?”

Ike fell over exaggeratedly.

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“Just because we made it past the midterm, we shouldn’t be celebrating wildly. Our next hurdle is the final exam. Obviously, the problems on the final exam will probably be harder than this exam. Also, we still have to look for a way to raise our points.”

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“Do we have to start this hellish studying again… That’s the worst.”

Ike buried his head in his hands.

“Don’t you think we should start now so that it doesn’t become too bad?”

Guess not.