Online Money Platform Summary Online Money Project

Online Money Platform Summary Online Money Project

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Pei Qian handed over the commendation to Assistant Xin after he was arranged and then began to think about the new game.

This cycle only had four months, which was totally not enough for a well-made RTS game.

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Not to mention CG, it was simply not enough.

Therefore, Pei Qian thought about dragging this game to the next cycle and spent more money.

However, he had no idea how to make this game.

Pei Qian did not want to decide for himself, let alone Hu Xianbin and the others. No matter which one it was, it seemed that there would be no good results.

Therefore, it was better to ask Teacher He for help!

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Pei Qian made a video call to He An.

It was connected in no time.

He An had left Jingzhou and returned to his residence. Judging from the video, it seemed like he was reading a book while drinking tea quite leisurely.

“Boss Pei? What’s up?” He An drank his tea leisurely.

“Teacher He, I would like to ask for your advice for the new game,” Pei Qian asked very humbly.