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"Doesn't see him, APPARENTLY. But she comes and tells me his every last move (and he's making quite a number of them just now!), so I think she does see—a little."

"The young rascal! But she doesn't—care?"

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"I think not—really. She's just excited now, as any young girl would be; and I'm afraid she's taking a little wicked pleasure in—not seeing him."

"Humph! I can imagine it," chuckled Mr. Smith.

"But it's all bad—this delay," chafed Miss Maggie again. "Don't you see? It's neither one thing nor another. That's why I do wish that lawyer would come, if he's coming."

"I reckon he'll be here before long," murmured Mr. Smith, with an elaborately casual air. "But—I wish you were coming in on the deal." His kindly eyes were gazing straight into her face now.

She shook her head.

"I'm a Duff, not a Blaisdell—except when they want—" She bit her lip. A confused red suffused her face. "I mean, I'm not a Blaisdell at all," she finished hastily.

"Humph! That's exactly it!" Mr. Smith was sitting energetically erect.

"You're not a Blaisdell—except when they want something of you!"

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"Oh PLEASE, I didn't mean to say—I DIDN'T say—THAT," cried Miss

Maggie, in very genuine distress.