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Well, to be exact, it probably wasn’t just me that she was interested in.

She was surely looking to analyze the strategies of each and every student in the school.

“As a word of advice: most groups are probably gonna start slowing down soon, so don’t give up and keep on doing your best.”

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Even though I hadn’t known Kiryūin for very long, it was clear to me that she was quite an influential character.

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She was by all means an exceptional student when it came to both the depth of her insight and the breadth of her intuition, qualities that even the OAA system failed to account for.

“To change the subject, from what I’ve seen on my tablet, it doesn’t look like any groups have retired yet. What do you think of that?”

“It just means that I can’t afford to get careless, not even for a moment. That’s all.”

“Hmm… I found out something interesting when I stopped by the starting area yesterday. Apparently, some of the groups that have been running out of food and water have been taking up a new last-ditch strategy of sorts. They’ve started cutting loose some of their members in order to conserve resources.”

“That’s a wise decision.”

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No matter how many points your group racks up, if the whole group retires, you’d be disqualified and your expulsion would be all but set in stone. That being the case, it would be safer to send one or two people back to the starting area instead, even if it meant taking an overall drop in terms of efficiency. There, not only could they drink an unlimited amount of fresh water, but they’d also be able to maintain their personal hygiene, therefore making it easier to avoid getting sick.

“The bottom ten groups probably have their fingers crossed right about now, praying that some other group will retire first.”

“There’s no telling what someone who’s been pushed into a corner might do. Don’t be negligent, okay?”

“Is that really something a lone girl like you ought to be worried about, Kiryūin-senpai?”

“Oh? Hmm… Well, it’s true that, as a young, dainty maiden, it may be best for me to be more cautious.”

Even though I said what I had in jest, surprisingly, she had taken it seriously.