What to buy for sale in New Year's online

What to buy for sale in New Year's online

-During these few days, our mind has been subtly wrapped in confusion.

However, at this moment, the Hoshinomori sisters and I…felt like everything is irrelevant already.

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“You want me to join the Game Hobby Club? …Are you serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious.”

I nodded definitively. Then, Aguri stopped eating the donut in her hands before giving me a frustrated frown.


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She tilted her head as she opened her mouth with sugar sticking at the lips.

I gave her a smile.

“Why…Of course, the only reason is that Uehara-kun and I wanted to enjoy our time in the Hobby Club with you.”

Aguri-san heard my blunt response. For a moment, she gave me a warm smile. But then, she immediately reverted to her suspicious face.

“Uh, Amanocchi, I really appreciated that…But, you wanted me to join the Game Hobby Club?”

“Yes, Aguri-san.”

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“But I don’t play games at all.”

“That doesn’t matter. You only need a heart that loves gaming to join the club…”