What is wrong with online?

What is wrong with online?

However, these endings were simply too disgusting, right?

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More importantly, advocating the uselessness of struggling was wrong in any context. Cutting bloody reality apart did not seem to have much guidance significance and would only cause discomfort.

As the saying went, ‘kneel in the face of reality’ meant exactly this.

Real life was miserable enough. I knew as well how bad it was; did you have to hold a loudspeaker and blow it in front of me?

Wasn’t that simply disgusting?

Therefore, the first feeling He An had was that it was not appropriate because there was no guiding significance and would not be well accepted by the people. Moreover, it was easy to cause disgust.

As for analyzing and satisfying market demand, it was even more irrelevant now.

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Obviously, in the current mainstream market, games were still regarded as entertainment and leisure. If it was so serious and heavy, then it would obviously not meet the needs of most players!

As for the higher level of creative demand...

He An previously felt that Boss Pei was a master of demand creation. However, to create demand for Struggle would be extremely difficult!

Moreover, there were four questions in this exam paper. You got the first three wrong; could you still answer the last question correctly?

If you could answer it correctly, then I would...

Frame this paper up on the spot!

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He An originally wanted to set a flag, but he decided against it after thinking about it. He could not underestimate Boss Pei.

Could Boss Pei not think of the problems that he thought of? He could definitely think of them.

Moreover, He An subconsciously felt that this game was not really that offensive to him. There were still some special emotions to it if he were to dig deeper into his feelings for this game.