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Ma Yang and Zhang Yuan were in charge of all of these things for now.

After all, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and Fish-Catching Take-Out were all incurring losses for now. Pei Qian was quite satisfied with this, and he trusted both of them.

Once Headwind Logistics’ business expanded and Ma Yang and Zhang Yuan were unable to cope, Pei Qian would consider handing this business over to other people to manage.

When they saw Boss Pei walk in, the waiters in the internet cafe became slightly nervous. Everyone knew that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s branch at Ming Yun Villas was doing the worst out of all the branches. It was practically at rock-bottom! The waiters were worried that the branch would be closed all of a sudden, and they would lose their jobs.

The initial situation had been better. All the branches were incurring losses, and the branch at Ming Yun Villas was quite deserted. Boss Pei hardly visited them.

However, once Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s flagship store began making profits, everything changed. It seemed like Boss Pei had suddenly turned his attention to the branch at Ming Yun Villas!

The internet cafe’s manager, Ma Yang, and the regional manager, Zhang Yuan, seemed to be permanently stationed at this branch. What’s more, Boss Pei began visiting the branch more frequently as well. All the waiters were under immense pressure, and they were getting increasingly nervous.

It was obvious that the higher management had noticed that the branch at Ming Yun Villas was at rock bottom. For all they knew, huge changes were going to take place. Although everything seemed calm for now, nobody knew when the storm was going to come.

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All the waiters understood their own situation. They received high salaries and good welfare here, but who knew how long more they could keep their jobs?

Thus, some of them began to work on back-up plans. Although they were treated very well here, everybody was selfish. They had to think for themselves.

“Brother Qian, you’re here!”

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Ma Yang and Zhang Yuan welcomed Pei Qian warmly and led him to a table to sit.

A few waiters stood by the side, waiting for instructions.

Pei Qian sipped his coffee and said to Ma Yang, “Give our brothers an additional one thousand yuan for their salary this month.”

Ma Yang was shocked, and so were a few waiters.

Pei Qian explained, “This is an incentive! The branch at Ming Yun Villas is not doing well. I’ll need everyone to keep working hard! Don’t feel too stressed about our current results either. Relax, our Fish-Catching Internet Cafe will not give any of you brothers up!”

Pei Qian had not thought too much about it. He just wanted to spend more money because he felt like it.

There was reason to give out this sum of money, and it was not much to begin with. There was no reason for the System to deny it.