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With that, I ended the conversation. However, I was somewhat convinced that Ibuki would get the private points from Ryūen nonetheless.

(Part 4 End)

At just past ten on the night before the exam, my phone rang.

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[It’s me. I’ve gotten all of Ryūen’s private points.]

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Ibuki spoke, stating the bare minimum and nothing else.

“It’s a good thing you figured out my contact information, isn’t it?”

I tried questioning her, but Ibuki remained completely silent.

I remembered that I had given Shiina my number, so she had probably gotten ahold of it through her.

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“Hmm. So, you’ve gotten ahold of the points?”

Although I had expected her to make a move, this was pushing it until the last minute.

“Can you grab Ishizaki and come to my room right now?”

[Eh? Right now?]

“Is that a problem? I have something to discuss with you about the points you’ve gotten your hands on.”

[Not exactly, it’s just… No, I’ll be there.]

With those few short words of consent, Ibuki said she would get in contact with Ishizaki right away and then ended the call.

The two of them showed up at my door less than ten minutes later. Did they have some sort of premonition that something important was about to happen?

Just like that, Ishizaki and Ibuki immediately stepped into my room.

“How many points did Ryūen have?”