Online selling more money

Online selling more money

Before this, Ma Yang had won the Best Employee Award, and the Dream Fund was purely based on the five hundred million yuan that he had earned for the company.

Ma Yang had also said that he wanted to publicize this fund on Weibo to help others realize their dreams. However, Pei Qian did not hear any updates on it subsequently. Since Pei Qian had been busy incurring losses, he had not had the energy to follow up with Ma Yang either.

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Now, he had the time, and so he had to listen to Ma Yang’s thoughts.

At the scale that Tengda Corporation was operating at now, the Dream Fund was no longer considered a huge amount. Still, Pei Qian cared about how the Dream Fund could be used to test out loss-incurring business models.

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Once the new business could successfully incur losses, Pei Qian could ramp up its scale!

Ma Yang happily said, “Brother Qian, I have already set up a verified account on Weibo.

“This is what I’m thinking:

“Dream Realization Ventures is working hard to realize others’ dreams as well, but it’s still limited at the end of the day. There are many more people with dreams that cannot be communicated to Dream Realization Ventures!

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“Thus, I decided to log onto Weibo to search for people with dreams and use my Dream Fund to help them realize their dreams.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, it’s good that you’re thinking like that! However, how exactly do you plan to operate?”

Ma Yang answered, “It’s very simple. I’ll post on Weibo.

“I’ll post the fact that I’m helping others to realize their dreams and then start gathering dreams. If any dreams move me, I’ll invest varying sums from the Dream Fund to realize them!”

Pei Qian paused. “What exactly do you mean by varying sums?”

Ma Yang answered, “From ten thousand yuan to a hundred thousand yuan. Exactly how much I invest would depend on the contents of the dream.”