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“P-Playing games?”

“Hmm? What’s with the confusion at this point? Didn’t I say this before? The three of us are just playing video games.”

“You didn’t say that!”

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R-Really? I guess so. I was at fault here. …Uh, but, even if I didn’t say that it’s gaming, I don’t remember which sentence of mine pissed them off so much…

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I explained directly, and they finally acknowledged and sat back down.

“I see. In other words, …it’s just like what happened with me in the Game Club. Aside from the club here, Amano-kun will sometimes look for other friends to play as well. That’s what is happening. If that’s the case, you should just explain it earlier.”

“Uh, eh, …yeah. …I think I meant that at the start…”

“You got a problem?”

“It’s fine. I’m sorry, madam.”

I stood still and saluted. …Even though our relationship is no more, this world’s social hierarchy still isn’t going to change. I learned something today.

Then, Chiaki sighed in relief this time as she said.

“But, even so, it’s still kind of unexpected. Keita actually befriended a university student…”


I hesitated on my words for a bit. Then, I peeked at Uehara-kun at the corner of my eyes.

(I think I introduced him as my cousin when I met him a while ago…)

I remembered that, so I decided to continue with the setting.

“Uh, he’s my cousin studying in the university around here. Then, his girlfriend will join him and play with us sometimes. …That’s all, I guess?”

“Ah, I see. Well, I can accept that. You can go.”

Why do I have to ask for this seaweed’s permission? Although I’m baffled by this, I don’t want to cause any troublesome arguments anymore. So, I wisely remained silent.