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Saying that, Hashimoto looked at me.

"That's right. Next up is the written exam, Keisei's specialty. It'll be better to focus on that instead".

What he heard from Nagumo last night must still be on Hashimoto's mind. But that doesn't mean he's just going to directly ask me about it or anything.

Because Hashimoto doesn't even know what part of me the older Horikita considers special in the first place.

Aside from us, two more 1st year small groups linked up. One of them is the group led by Akito that Ryuuen is a member of. I could tell Ishizaki and Albert turning to look at Ryuuen.

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But rather than look at us, Ryuuen simply took a seat alone. Not talking to anyone else. Alone. He's part of the group but at the same time, he isn't. He's giving off the feeling of being completely isolated.

"That's just strange, isn't it?".

Beside me, Hashimoto whispers as though talking to himself. It would be so easy to just ignore him but I suppose I'll humor him a bit.

"What is?".

"I'm talking about Ishizaki and Albert's eyes. They're looking at someone they hate but I just don't feel that from them. It's almost like they're pets thrown away by their master, looking at him with sorrowful eyes".

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"I don't quite understand. Didn't Ishizaki and the others start the fight after being fed up with the tyranny?".

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"That's true but......just maybe, there's something else behind Ryuuen's fall?".

Hashimoto doesn't have a single shred of evidence linking me to Ryuuen. However, taking into consideration Nagumo's interest in Ryuuen, it's not strange that his thoughts would forcibly lead him there.

"Don't know......I'm not familiar with the affairs of other classes".