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“…I see. I got it. …Well, I’ll tell Tendou-san that she doesn’t need to wait until White Day. I’ve already decided on my route.”

“Yep, even though I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please remain calm, Amano.”

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I stopped Amano with my overwhelming instinct. However, of course, he doesn’t seem to be serious too. So, he concluded to me while sighing.

“Uh, in other words, you want me to hang out with you, right?”

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“Yeah, that’s partially right.”

“…Sigh, if that’s the case, I’m sorry. I’m still quite busy today. When it’s this sudden, I didn’t even prepare myself. It’ll take some time for me to go out. Moreover, I’m in the ‘I shouldn’t mess with anyone’ month right now-“


I interrupted Amano when he’s explaining. Then, I told him this calmly.

“Listen to me, I know what you mean. So, it’s fine for you to reject it. Although it’s okay, …at last, please let me tell you what’s happening here.”

“What’s happening? Why are you bringing that up now…? Ah, right, I still didn’t understand why did you talk about knowing too many friends is bad.”

“Yeah, aren’t you curious?”

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“Yep, I do. …However, I guess it’s that pattern again, right. I bet you bumped into the Hoshinomori sisters or someone else, and then you can’t deal with them alone. So, that’s why you asked me for help…”

Amano showed his “just a little bit off” theorizing.

Currently, I’m indeed like what he said. I bumped into someone I know while I’m taking a walk. Also, I was forced to stick with them for a long time due to some reasons. …Moreover, I’m so terrible at dealing with them that I’m about to explode.

From this sense alone, Keita Amano’s answer is perfect. As long as it’s not related to his love, this guy is godly intelligent. According to the conflict type, perhaps he’s qualified to be an armchair detective as well. …That’s why I need him more than ever in this situation.

I smiled mischievously and answered Amano.

“Yeah, your answer is entirely correct. Amano, you’re really smart. You’re indeed a twisted otaku that can only observe people from afar since you’re envious. As long as you’re not related, your observation and insight are this brilliant.”