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"Reports have come in to the student council. The uninhabited island test and the special examination on the ship. Were they hard?" he asks me.

"The student council really has a lot of influence, huh? To think they'd even be privy to those reports".

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"Even though I say reports, we don't know all the details. Individual actions and the degree thereof are unknown to us".

"I'm glad about that".

"Aren't you glad? That the president doesn't know about your failings" Tachibana said to me. It seems Secretary Tachibana never misses a chance to spit venom at me. It seems, at some point, she's marked me as her enemy.

I suppose it was inevitable given I was casually talking back to the president.

"But information is something that always ends up leaking. The fact that you outsmarted the other classes during the uninhabited island test, and the fact that you held the "target" on the cruise ship when you were assigned to the (Rabbit) group is something that is known to us" he told me.

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Despite saying it's unknown, it seems a lot of it has been leaked. This is going to make me doubt their integrity.

"In addition, the name of Horikita Suzune came up after the uninhabited island test. That she became the center of her class and outsmarted the other classes. But in regards to that, I think the one truly responsible for that is you" he tells me and it seems the older Horikita has an absolute confidence in that. I softly murmured that to myself.

"You're completely overestimating me though?".

"The name of the leader ultimately changed to you. How would you explain that?".

" even know about something like that, huh?"

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"The only ones who know of this fact are me and the Special Examinations Committee only. And now Secretary Tachibana has overheard us. This is something not even the homeroom teachers know of, so relax" he said.

This isn't a situation where I can just relax. Just how much influence does this man have? Normally, student councils are just decorations without any real power. For them to surpass even the teachers, what exactly is this?

"What exactly is this student council?" I asked him.

"The student council by itself has no power. It's up to the talent of the person leading it".