Girlfriend make money online when others girlfriend

Girlfriend make money online when others girlfriend

Think about it. A mobile game that’s completely based on a template without any innovative traits and a purchase price that is 5 yuan more expensive than the hottest game available – who would be stupid enough to buy it?

Of course, he mustn’t set that barrier too high either.

That 10 yuan was enough to achieve its intended effect of dissuading gamers from buying it. If he were to set it any higher, Pei Qian was going to earn money with just a mediocre number of gamers.

The more he earned, the more he lost. That won’t do!

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With that, Pei Qian was decided on his goal.

Firstly, this would be a game with the most basic operational techniques.

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Gameplays that other card games do not possess? You won’t find it here!

Gameplays that other card games possess? You might not find it here either!

All in all, the gameplay would be completely similar to everything else out there and have nothing new!

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Not only that, this was a game that clashed directly with Qute Three Kingdoms!

They both revolved around the three kingdoms as topic.

They were both mobile games.

Theirs was authentic while Pei Qian’s was a counterfeit.

There’s no way anyone would choose this game instead of Qute Three Kingdoms!

Finally, this was a game that had an extremely stupid profit strategy.

First, the 10 yuan barrier of dissuading the normal mobile gamers.