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“Honami, huh? You’re upbeat even in the morning.”

“Because that’s just who I am.”

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Nagumo may have been surprised, seeing Ichinose with a smile as usual.

“Don’t you resent me, Honami?”

“Resent you?”

Wondering why, Ichinose tilted her head.

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Immediately afterward, she realized the meaning behind that question.

“No such thing, I’m grateful to you, President Nagumo. Thank you very much for recruiting me to the student council. I will keep doing my best from now on as well so I look forward to working with you.”

“I see. It would seem you performed better than I expected.”

For just a moment, Nagumo looked at me. But he then immediately turned his back and walked off.

It was easy to tell what he was trying to say.

He had wanted to break Ichinose Honami and build her back up with his own hands. Then he’d tame her as his own pawn. That look was meant to convey his displeasure at how I had gotten in the way of that.

He must know that, on some level, I had been involved in this incident.

Ichinose bowed to Nagumo then came back to my side once again.


When she came back, Ichinose called out to me in a notably louder voice. She then opened her mouth wide and tried to continue speaking.

“Hey, umm…”

As she spoke, she reached into her school bag and froze up.