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Even if you say that…

The other party is the king of a country – I have to take care of manners and conduct.

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「F-For the time being… I’ll be careful not to be rude.」

Then we walked straight for a while – there was a big, regal door.

On both sides of the door stood two guards clad in sturdy-looking armor.

They turned their cold, sharp gaze towards me for a moment, and soon after, they saluted Ria.

「Welcome home, Ria-sama.」

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「His Majesty the King is waiting. -Please enter.」

When the two guards opened the heavy doors, there was a figure of the King sitting on the throne and Claude-san standing behind him.

(So this is the King of Vesteria – Gris-Vesteria…)

Sharp big eyes.

Shortly cut, same bright blonde hair as Ria.

The well-groomed imposing goatee is a little grey due to age.

He seems to be in his mid-forties.

A golden crown was placed on the head, and the figure wearing a red cloak was exactly that of a king.

「Oo! You’ve returned, Ria!」

His Majesty Gris got up from the throne and rushed to Ria with a full smile.