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Make money online part-time industry

The audience responded with mediocrity when he said that these players underwent physical fitness training every day. However, the audience immediately raised their numerous cell phones, and wild flashes from the media reporters also began to shine widely when he showed the comparison of the players’ physical fitness on the screen.

Obviously, a picture was worth a thousand words!

Zhang Yuan could not help but sigh. Boss Pei was indeed far-sighted. Zhang Yuan was still wondering why it was necessary for Boss Pei to ask Coach Yaling to take photos of these players wearing tight training uniforms every day.

Now, it appeared to be killing two birds with a stone. They had an immediate effect on the brand of both DGE Esports Club, and Deposit Fitness!

That was simply the transformation of internet-addicted teenagers. The impact of the before and after comparisons were simply too great!

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“In short, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would work hard to create Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0 in the future and bring Live E-Sports Museum in every city across the country. “Teams or individuals who performed well, be it in a team or individually, would have a chance to compete with DGE Esports Club or even be selected to enter DGE E-Sports Club and become a professional player! “The highest glory in GOG esports in the entire Jingzhou, China, and even the world is waiting for you!”

Zhang Yuan’s speech was the last link of the entire news conference.

The linked recommendation of Great Esports Ecosystem, high-quality exhibition match, DGE Esports Club and Deposit Fitness...

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There might not be many segments in the opening ceremony of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, but every segment was filled with topics, and the content was rich enough to attract the attention of others.

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Pei Qian was silent, seeing Xiao Peng and members of the Esports Club being surrounded by the media and enthusiastic customers.

Illusions, these are all illusions!

The popularity would naturally dissipate after two days!

Pei Qian was now very lost; he really wanted to go back to sleep it all away.

However, as soon as he walked to the door, a young man who looked like a reporter from the gaming industry went up to him. Obviously, it was because there were too many reporters around and he could not get in at all. He, therefore, decided to change his approach to interview customers on-site first.