How high school students make money online

How high school students make money online

“This isn’t what I intended to do… but it’ll work. Let’s have a match with medal games this time, Amano-kun!”

“H-huh. …Um, if this wasn’t what you meant to do, then we don’t have to do this…”

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“You made a very good choice. Certainly, if it’s a medal game… where practically everything is decided by luck, I can compete seriously with you!”

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“Putting aside the fact that you subtly dissed my gaming skills… compete earnestly, is it?”

“Yea! This is… the deciding match with my life and my comeback on the line!”

“It’s my first time seeing someone so enthusiastic about medal games!”

“Amano-kun! I will definitely defeat you! And then I will retake what I have lost!”

“…Um, well, then should I lose?”

I replied in indignation when Amano-kun hesitantly suggested to throw the match.

“D-don’t joke around like that! Trying to withdraw from a serious match… You’re the scum of gamers! Shame on you!”

Amano-kun replied in bewilderment to my exasperated words.

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“But, um, I have nothing to lose… and Tendo-san, you said that your life depended on this match, so…”