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“I see. So, it’s a visualization of words going back and forth in the form of billiards. That’s creative.”

“You’re basically repeating this process in the game. First, you will collect < Promises > and < Billiards Judgements >. Then, there will be an ugly girl that the protagonist doesn’t want during the < Billiards Judgements >. …That girl is called a < Money-losing Thing > in this game.” [Note: It’s a sexist term that used to mean girls in Japanese/Chinese.]

“It’s a terrible word that completely abandons the female player base. It’s so terrible that it’s special.”

“Anyway, as long as you brutally finish the < Money-losing Thing > here, she’ll go home with some guy other than the protagonist. Only then can Supreme Rintaro brilliantly go out with a cute girl, …which is called a < High-class Thing > in the game.”

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“I want to bring this protagonist to a game over. He should be hit by a car.”

“I know how you feel, but after you actually played, you’ll realize that this is a super exciting game with exceptional writing and 200 IQ plots. Just follow the story for once. Come to think of it, Rintaro is kind of a likable guy.”

“Sigh, …I do admit that the story is written pretty well…”

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Keita started playing the game unwillingly as he said that. However, a few seconds later, he can’t hold his laughter when he sees the “Hey-hey Bear” reference.

Keita started reading the < Drinking Session > plot fluently. Also, the developers only allowed people to upload their walkthrough on the first chapter. So, even if we’re live streaming an AVG, I don’t need to worry about spoiling the story. I’m grateful for the situation. However, personally, I also love “the realm that only non-official live streams can reach.” Therefore, I’m absolutely not decided to change my route yet by picking this game. …Well, even though I don’t know who I’m explaining to.

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“Hey, it finally comes to that < Billiards Judgement > mode?”

Just as I’m still thrown off, Keita continued the game without stopping to the most beautiful part in this series.

Keita followed the tutorial and prepared to face the < Billiards Judgement >.

The ugly girl that’s supposed to be the enemy this time, …the < Money-losing Thing > started placing her words for seducing the protagonist onto the ball. Then, she hit them towards the screen one by one.

“Ah, it feels so hot in here…” “Should I take one of my clothes off?” “Eh, Supreme-san, your body is quite masculine…” “Wow, you’re strong.” “I’m thinking about whether we can go outside.” “Perhaps I’m really starting to get drunk…”

Keita started hitting these balls filled with words back one by one as if he’s in an action game. However, when the round finished, the < Money-losing Thing > repeated her lines again.

I explained.

“From all the things that she said, if you think ‘this sentence is suspicious,’ you can request a < Smash > with the < Promise > you collected before. …In other words, you will score in this match.”

“I see. If that’s the case…”