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"I'm glad. If you wouldn't mind, would you like to play together with me?".

She extends an unbelievably unappreciated proposal to me. I don't even need to consider my response.

"I'll have to decline. You're an existence that stands out after all".

If I were to be seen playing with Sakayanagi, it would unnecessarily cause an uproar.

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"Fufu. That's a shame".

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It's obvious. If she wanted to make my circumstances common knowledge, she should have taken action a long time ago.

But even against Ryuuen, she did not let slip even a single fact about me. Judging from that, I could tell that Sakayanagi intends to take me on alone.

"Then would that mean there's no problem if we have a small chat while standing around here?".

"To chat while standing around like this, what happened?".

"If I call him this he would get angry at me but Dragon Boy-san was searching for you, right? To be more precise, he was searching for the tactician who was manipulating the class from the shadows. What happened with that matter?".

Right now, other than the parties involved, no one should yet know of the rooftop incident as well as its conclusion. However, it wouldn't be strange even if she managed to obtain a portion of that information.

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For instance---