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He immediately guessed my name. Perhaps information about my appearance is circulating within the organization.

「…And next to you is Ria Vesteria, right?」

And it was the same with Ria.

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We gulped, understanding that an international large-scale criminal organization that disturbs world peace – have their sights on us.

「『Phantom Spirit』and『Special Class Force』- This much should be enough.」he said, not making any sense

「Hey, you guys… I’ll let you escape, so – why don’t you give Allen and Ria to me?」

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He offered a nonsensical deal.

「…Hah. What a funny joke from a man with an unsociable face!」Ben-san laughed scornfully.

Rain simply shook his head.

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「This is not a joke. I’m already… I’m really tired of this. I don’t want to kill pointlessly.」

He sighed loudly, and went on talking further.

「Hey, please just understand, okay…? No matter how many of you『insects』gather, you can’t beat me.」

There was no lie or falsehood in his remark.

(…That’s quite the confidence.)

A scale of one hundred senior Holy Knights, and yet – he seemed to be confident of『absolutely victory』against this army.