What are the most formulated ways of making money online?

What are the most formulated ways of making money online?

“No, none of you understood what Boss Pei meant. It is entirely possible for us to contact the bigger esports clubs in the country now and get them to form IOI teams.”

Wang Xiaobin was stunned. “That’s unlikely, right? Given IOI’s current market share, the clubs would much rather form a GOG team if they really wanted to.

“We could offer them money, but the clubs would focus on long-term benefits. If we offer too little money, they might not be interested in complying, but if we offer too much, we would lose out.”

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If we offer too much, we would lose out?

That was perfect, wasn’t it?!

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up. He was just about to speak up when Lin Wan did.

“We don’t have to give them too much money.”

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Pei Qian: “...”

Lin Wan continued speaking. “I understand Boss Pei now. We might have entered the esports arena late, but IOI would have some advantage over GOG. That’s because IOI is much more popular overseas!

“It’s true that the clubs would focus on long-term benefits when forming teams. For those clubs, being able to take part in international competitions would obviously be one of the long-term benefits! “An esports event has to be popular all around the world for there to be enough attention to it. Although IOI is not as popular as GOG in the country at the moment, it could become a large-scale international competition in the future.

“Forming an IOI team now could be a very promising option for E-Sports clubs. We could make a big deal out of this to persuade local esports clubs!

“I guess that’s Boss Pei’s deeper intention, right?”

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Pei Qian cleared his throat. “Er... that’s about right.”

A realization dawned on everyone else. That’s right! That’s a great advantage!

Ye Zhizhou was deeply inspired as well. “That’s right. We could even invite one or two average teams from overseas as a gimmick and provide accommodation and return tickets for them. Then, we could call the competition an international invitational tournament and make more people pay attention to us!”

Upon hearing the words ‘provide accommodation and return tickets’, Pei Qian became elated.

Everyone else noticed how comforted Boss Pei looked as he gazed at Ye Zhizhou. At once, they knew that this was what Boss Pei had been thinking

“Alright, let’s do as Boss Pei says and get started immediately!”