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However, surprisingly Leia-sensei stopped them,

「It’s fine! I like hot-blooded guys. And to tell you the truth, when I was in my first year, I was excluded from the members of the Big Five Holy Festival. On the day I learned about it, I asked one of the participating members to have a duel and took their position.」

「O-Oh, is that what happened…」

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「Aa, moreover… At that time, Thousand Blade Academy was full of fighting spirit! Mock battles and duels took place everywhere you looked! It was a good old age!」

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Sensei laughed happily.

Personally, I want to refrain from fighting too much within the academy. The idea is to have fun with everyone and polish our swordsmanship.

As I was thinking about it, the male student at the head of the group drew out his sword.

「And so! Where is Allen-Rodore? You’re too scared to show yourself. is it? Nn?」

He eyed all the students of Class A with provocative words.

「That guy… is Reyes, a song-sword user.」

「That Reyes-Volgan who was always causing problems in middle school…! I never thought he’d enroll into our academy…!」

In the background, I heard the voice of class A students whispering.

(Reyes-san, huh… He doesn’t seem to have a very good reputation…)


HIs hair was quite long for a man, and it was a deep red colour.

Silver piercings on his left ear.

The height is about the same as mine – around 170cm.

I decided to come forward for the time being because the conversation will not advance if I kept silent as is.

「I am Allen-Rodore… What business do you have with me?」