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In the end, the three rounds only lasted for one and a half hours. It was 6: 30 am, and the sky was still dark outside!

This BO5 was so fast that the audience felt like “This is it? What happened?”

Pei Qian had thought that FV would be dealt a clean 3: 0, but it was the complete opposite!

Did... something go wrong?

He was already feeling a little dizzy from waking up early. Now that something completely unexpected had happened, Pei Qian even suspected that he was not fully awake and was dreaming.

The next BO5 had already begun in the live-stream but it was obvious that the bullet screen commenters were still immersed in the previous match.

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Pei Qian browsed the forum with confusion, wanting to see the netizens’ reactions.

The forum was brimming with joy.

“3: 0 and tortured them! That’s so satisfying!”

“These European and American teams are still looking down on us? Didn’t they refuse to play mock competitions with FV? Are they convinced now?”

“I’m dying of laughter. Is this the veteran European CEM that you bragged about before the competition? Why did it shatter at the first touch? I’ll give you all the heroes you like to play, and then smash them to pieces!”

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“I realized that FV’s mindset is very good. I can clearly feel that the members of CEM were a little upset after the first round. They were not mentally prepared at all and were beaten silly.”

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“Indeed, it looks like the first round was completely targeted in terms of tactics, but it was the best performance by CEM. The last two rounds were more or less a little self-destructive and deformed.”

“It’s like a dream. Before the competition, everyone said that it would be 3: 0. Who would have thought that it would really be 3: 0? Let’s not say anything else. FV is awesome!”