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How to watch Feng Shui to make money online

“Onya~, Amae~ you’re so excited. I mean, Big brother! By the way, what about that “technique” you worked on in our special training!?”

“Hmm? Oh, oh … that?”

“Yeah! I forgot about it, but what was the point of going through all that hassle in your special training with me!?”

“N, no, Mr. Machio cornered me, so I couldn’t afford to use it…”

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And I’m sorry, Karui. I wasn’t in a situation to use “that technique”.

“Well, Lady Kron. Let us return.”

“Eh~, I want to talk with everyone too~”

“No, you have much preparations to do for today.”


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After their business was over, Jamdi’el took Kron’s hand and quickly left.

In the end, she left without knowing the truth.

Well, that’s something we’ll find out tonight.

But before that…

There was one thing I absolutely had to do.

Author’s Note

Finished…… Regardless of the pros and cons, it’s the first time I’ve written a tournament like this from start to finish, and now I’m lingering in the afterglow.