Internet miscellaneous money

Internet miscellaneous money

“Hehe, 【Great Demon Look Away】”

“…… ah…”

Drat!? I was so taken aback by the ‘look away’ that I also looked away, and stopped my attacking hand.

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“You’re a Six Supremacy, and yet you still fell for it.”


By the time I noticed, Earth Lagann went around behind me… a flicker!? Nay, that shoulder movement is… a left feint followed by his right…… this fellow, the line of sight is on my body… huh? But by his footwork, will he step back next? Why? Is thou unwilling to attack as I am full of gaps?

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“【Great Demon Back Slide】!”

“…… Ha?”

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What? This is…… I remember, about hundreds of years ago, a mysterious masked dancer who appeared in the Demon Realm … The King of Pop of the Demon Realm who performed what was called the Moonwalk… why here? What is the point?


“Soui, soui, soui”

“…… Is thou mocking me?”

There is no point. It’s just a provocation! A prank on me… gah, to what ends does he act in that manner?! But for Lady Kron, I would bleepbleepbleep… eh!?

“Come on! Get me”


Drat, is this his aim? To distance himself from me while taunting me, have me run straight at him in anger, and then he intercepts with a counter?

Moreover, his sudden increase in magic power… the Great Demon Spiral!? What’s more, this time he intends to hit me directly rather than with shockwaves!?

Naturally, he would immediately drive it into me…

“Just kidding!”