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Phil returned to being a mentor in the talent show ‘Successor’ and cultivated his own superhero force through this program.

In the end, he successfully recruited almost all superheroes under his command. He made a lot of money through his special status and deceived the people through various fake crime rate data.

The billions that his father had spent on him had been recovered with interest, while the lives of the people were deteriorating. However, even so, the people still felt that Phil was a superhero who did not do it for fame or profit. Their lives were unfortunate because of other countries and because the United States was opposing Phil.

Just like that, Phil steadily made his way onto the supreme throne of the superheroes. He had taken revenge on all the superheroes who had sinned against him.

However, at the end of the story, these superheroes who had been retaliated against, struggled to survive. A few people who had seen through Phil’s true colors worked with these superheroes, secretly worked together to overthrow Phil’s rule.

Cui Geng had to add all sorts of iconic events during the actual creation process. Each key node corresponded to each iconic event every time Phil made his grab at the highest power of a superhero.

There would be a lot of fighting scenes in these events. From the initial robbery, murder, and pursuit of fugitives to dealing with terrorist attacks, hijacking, and even overseas wars, basically covering battle scenes commonly seen in superheroes.

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However, all of these events were the opposite of the traditional superhero story. What the pubic knew was always the truth that had been whitewashed…

Cui Geng’s story outline was relatively long. It had basically reached the upper limit for the number of words of the fixed-rate contract, which was 500,000 words.

It would take him a long time to write the entire story perfectly.

However, Cui Geng was on a fixed-rate contract and Boss Pei was paying anyway so he did not have any worries. He just had to collect inspiration every day and write slowly.

He could even spend time revising the plot from beginning to end after he finished writing it. That way, he could ensure that every plot would achieve the desired effect.

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