It's true if you make a task online.

It's true if you make a task online.

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During this time, he was still earning profits for the two games. He would definitely be able to afford the above costs.

Ma Yang seemed quite ambitious as well. He even suggested not going home over the New Year; he wanted to stay behind to keep watch on the renovations.

Pei Qian had to stop him immediately. Even if he did not want to go home over the New Year, the workers would still have to go home! However, seeing Ma Yang’s euphoria and enthusiasm, Pei Qian felt at ease.

The more serious Ma Yang was, the higher the chances of this project failing! His own brothers could be counted on to put him at ease indeed.

On the other side, the design manuscript for Game Designer was more or less complete. Pei Qian went through the entire game flow once again, focusing on the voice-overs this time. Once he finished that, he was still not satisfied.

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He spent three hours editing the entire voice-over script, intensifying the cynicism by two tiers.

Pei Qian even felt bad writing some parts of the script.

It was too much!

It was really too much!

However, for the sake of incurring losses, Pei Qian had to grit his teeth and endure the prickling of his conscience. After he finished editing the script, he sent the document back to Lu Mingliang. Finally, the script was finalized.

“The next thing to do is to outsource for art resources on the official website for resources. Look for the most expensive animation and concept designer, understand?” Pei Qian instructed yet again.

Lu Mingliang nodded profusely and said, “Yes, Boss Pei! I will make sure that I continuously seek perfection when searching for art resources and be strict with my standards, just like Brother Huang!”

“Er… must I still update you once I’ve found a good designer?”

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and said, “There’s no need to.”

The most expensive concept designer could not be that bad in terms of standards. Pei Qian did not really understand how animations worked either. There would be no difference even if he got to review Lu Mingliang’s decision.

“Yes, Boss Pei!”

Walking out of Pei Qian’s office, Lu Mingliang felt inexplicably moved.

Boss Pei seeks perfection in terms of art resources, and he is trusting a subordinate like me to accomplish it!?

That’s so moving!