Online, there is a vulnerability to make money

Online, there is a vulnerability to make money

It was not a guaranteed pass!

Wu Bin really wanted to work for Tengda.

He would like to find a Tengda employee to inquire about how to prepare for this interview and the style that the interviewers would like if possible.

As the saying went, do not fight wars without the confidence that he would win. He would have a better chance of winning if he possessed more of such information.

However, Wu Bin did not know any employee from Tengda.

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He finally thought of someone after giving it some thought. Wasn’t Hao Qiong someone he tried to poach from Tengda?

He might be at Shang Yang Games, but he should also know some information about Tengda, right?

Wu Bin searched for Hao Qiong’s contact information immediately and sent a friend request.

He was still worried if he would be rejected when the notification that the friend request was approved reached him.

Wu Bin gave a simple introduction of himself and then asked his question very sincerely.

Hao Qiong replied in no time. “…I really have no idea how the interview is conducted.

“There weren’t so many processes when I joined the company. I was hired after a brief chat with the head of the department.”