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「Eh, ummm… What is that strange machine?」

When I asked on behalf of everyone,

「Simply put, it’s a low-noise, super small airplane for one person!」

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The president then began to explain in more detail.

「This is manufactured and mass-produced by the Holy Ronelia Empire as a means of “transportation of swordsmen”. The developer is “Magician” Rod Garf; Appearance, gender, age are all unknown. He’s the Empire’s super-genius scientist shrouded in mystery.」

「The Magician, huh.」

Come to think of it…

(Zack said something similar when we invaded the Empire.)

The president advanced the explanation as I thought back to events of about two months ago.

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「The first time this glider was launched in combat was on January 1 of this year. That’s the day the Empire joined hands with the Demons and attacked the Five Great Powers. They used this machine to send the members of the organization into the Principality of Teresia – and took them by storm. The Holy Knights, who barely escaped with their lives, said, “It was enough to fill the sky”.」

Ria twitched at those remarks.

「It filled the sky? What was the border security of Teresia doing to have allowed so many of them to invade?」

「He said excellent soul dress users with long-range means of attack were stationed along the national borders of Teresia as an anti-aircraft force.」

「T-Then why?」

「What’s good about this glider is its fearsome “mobility”.」