Is the happy family online make money?

Is the happy family online make money?

Pei Qian paused. “What exactly do you mean by varying sums?”

Ma Yang answered, “From ten thousand yuan to a hundred thousand yuan. Exactly how much I invest would depend on the contents of the dream.”

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Pei Qian fell silent for a short while.

He faintly sensed that there was a huge problem with Ma Yang’s current business model.

There didn’t seem to be any possibility of profit.

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When Dream Realization Ventures invested in a project, there was a possibility of incurring losses or generating profit because the System would not prohibit anything that could possibly make money.

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However, Old Ma’s current business model coupled with his IQ... it was no different from sending money to random online friends.

Yet, the System was not prohibiting it?

Of course, the System controlled the spending of money to varying degrees. For example, at the very beginning, Pei Qian had been in charge of the System Funds, and so the System had been stricter. Since the Dream Fund had already been handed over to someone else, the System would be laxer.

Even then, they could not misuse the funds.

If Old Ma decided to use all the Dream Funds as his own pocket money, the System would not allow it.

Why would the System allow Ma Yang to distribute money in this manner, then?

After some consideration and after drawing from his experience with Upwind Logistics, Pei Qian drew a reasonable conclusion: Old Ma’s actions will bring himself, Tengda Corporation, and Dream Realization Ventures a certain amount of publicity.

In other words, Ma Yang would be spending money on reputation.