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“There are Rumors that Huang Wang was a Boxer who Transited to Esports, is It True?”

“Shocking! Local Whale Smashed Ten Rockets, the Live-Streamer actually Did This...”

Old Zhou knew immediately that it must be the work of Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform when he saw these results! It was necessary to maximize the commercial value since they had now signed Huang Wang up and sponsored the DGE Club.

Some of these contents were deliberately made by Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform to generate enough heat and discussions on the internet. Some contents shamelessly used marketing titles.

However, they had to admit that its effect was immediate. A mysterious and powerful image of the DGE Club was established in the hearts of the audience!

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Moreover, it was difficult to distinguish between true and false information. Some true information was taken as false information.

Many people felt that GOG raised their own club that required them to work out every day? They even trashed H4? That was absolute nonsense!

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It made no sense that they were so much stronger than the other clubs even if they were to raise a club! Unless it was by the official game!

There was also some false information regarded as true.

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Some fans who were just watching the commotion photoshopped a boxer’s credentials for Huang Wang. It put Huang Wang in the boxing ring. They photoshopped so realistically that many people couldn’t say it’s fake.

As a result, every time Huang Wang linked up in the game, audiences would ask him to show his muscles. Some even asked him to punch a few fists.

Huang Wang repeatedly emphasized that he was not a boxer, but he could not stop the bullet screen comments from deceiving people repeatedly.

In the end, Huang Wang could only give up on the treatment and simply change his live-stream room to ‘Former Boxer who Tortured Professional God-like Players’.

As a result, more viewers got caught in the bait!