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Aguri-san blushed slightly and looked at me. Her face is written with nervousness.

Looking at her, I continued.

“Oath’s- yearly tribune.”


“We’re doing this twice a week. So, the annual fee would be 200,000 yen.”


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“Also, even if we’re not going according to the schedule, there’s no refund. Please pay attention to this part.”

“Sounds like a scam to me! What did I just swear to!?”

“Who knows? Aguri-san, -pay me if you miss me.”

“Is it okay to miss someone like that!? Amanocchi!?”

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“…Tck. …I’m just joking.”

“Wait a minute!? You paused for a few seconds before concluding it as a joke, right!?”

“Nope, this can’t be helped. If you’re not willing to pay, how about a kiss then?”

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“This is the first time someone requested such a casual kiss on me.”

“Here, let’s kiss. Please be as enthusiastic as possible. Go.”

“E-Eh? Ah, Amanocchi, are you serious-“

“Yes, please kiss- this dirty family restaurant table.”