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Is there a monthly buy popcorn to sell money?

That's why I want that list.""Still - ""It's I who shall pay. I do not mean to have another such sceneas that of yesterday in my office. It must not be said that myson is a sharper and a cheat at the very moment when I find for mydaughter a most unhoped-for match."And, turning to Mlle. Gilberte:

"For I suppose you have got over your foolish ideas," he uttered.

The young girl shook her head.

"My ideas are the same as they were last night.""Ah, ah!""And so, father, I beg of you, do not insist. Why wrangle andquarrel? You must know me well enough to know, that, whatever mayhappen, I shall never yield."Indeed, M. Favoral was well aware of his daughter's firmness; forhe had already been compelled on several occasions, as he expressedit himself, "to strike his flag" before her. But he could notbelieve that she would resist when he took certain means ofenforcing his will.

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"I have pledged my word," he said.

"But I have not pledged mine, father."He was becoming excited: his cheeks were flushed; and his littleeyes sparkled.

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"And suppose I were to tell you," he resumed, doing at least to hisdaughter the honor of controlling his anger:" suppose I were totell you that I would derive from this marriage immense, positive,and immediate advantages?""Oh!" she interrupted with a look of disgust, "oh, for mercy's sake!""Suppose I were to tell you that I have a powerful interest in it;that it is indispensable to the success of vast combinations?"Mlle. Gilberte looked straight at him.

"I would answer you," she exclaimed, "that it does not suit me tobe made use of as an earnest to your combinations. Ah! it's anoperation, is it? an enterprise, a big speculation? and you throwin your daughter in the bargain as a bonus. Well, no! You cantell your partner that the thing has fallen through."M. Favoral's anger was growing with each word.

"I'll see if I can't make you yield," he said.

"You may crush me, perhaps. Make me yield, never!""Well, we shall see. You will see - Maxence and you - whether thereare no means by which a father can compel his rebellious children tosubmit to his authority."And, feeling that he was no longer master of himself, he left,swearing loud enough to shake the plaster from the stair-walls.

Maxence shook with indignation.

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"Never," he uttered, "never until now, had I understood the infamyof my conduct. With a father such as ours, Gilberte, I should beyour protector. And now I am debarred even of the right tointerfere. But never mind, I have the will; and all will soon berepaired."Left alone, a few moments after, Mlle. Gilberte was congratulatingherself upon her firmness.

"I am sure," she thought, "Marius would approve, if he knew."She had not long to wait for her reward. The bell rang: it was herold professor, the Signor Gismondo Pulei, who came to give her hisdaily lesson.

The liveliest joy beamed upon his face, more shriveled than anapple at Easter; and the most magnificent anticipations sparkled inhis eyes.