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Sensei quickly rushed out of the director’s office.

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Then we were pulled to Dresstia by the Director’s personal fast horses.

The capital, Orest, is not far from the Merchant Town, Drestia.

After riding in the horse coach for some time – we finally arrived at our destination.

「…Returning to Drestia for the first time in three months.」

I looked around while walking down『God Street』, which passed through the center of Drestia.

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At both ends of the street, there were stalls lined up, and people were active as if it were still daytime, even though the time was around ten o’clock at night.

「Come… Rize’s mansion is this way.」

Following Leia-sensei, who was quick-paced, we navigated through the city of Drestia. And a huge mansion came into view.

「As usual, it’s a nasty house which shows off her wealth…」

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The beautiful mansion, reminiscent of a white palace, was remarkably huge.