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“Oh, Little man, welcome home.”

I arrived at the mansion, and Sadiz, who was cleaning the garden in front of the entrance, greeted me.

She immediately squinted at what I had in my hand.

“Little man, you’re free to stop by and shop, but... what is all this? That is. It seems you have bought a lot, but what do you intend to do that you would buy a ‘Ladder’? That bag is... sewing needles? No, ‘acupuncture’? Either way, we have all this in the mansion, right?”

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Yes, there was a ladder among what Demon King had me buy because it was needed for training.

As she said there was also one in the mansion, but I should have a personal one “for training”, so I bought it for some reason.

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To be honest, I don’t know what I’m going to use it for right now, but for the time being...

“W-Well, just a little-”

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”...... Trying to take a peek at me in the bath, are we?”

“Of course not! I’ll use it for a bit of training.”


Sadiz, who sometimes sees to my training, tilts her head not knowing of what use the ladder will be.

Oh right. Oops, yes...

“That’s right, Sadiz.”


“About my meals from today... can I see the menu schedule?”

”...... eh!?”

Yes, this was also an order from the Great Demon King.

He said that meals are one way to increase the effectiveness of training, and those menus for morning, noon, and evening will be thorough.