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「Yes, it seems that the dark robe is preventing it.」

After confirming her safety, I immediately turned my eyes back to Gregor.

「Hmmhmm! Ugly, fat pigs do cry in a good voice after all!」

The man, who suddenly killed the nobles, was humming in good spirits.

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「…Aren’t you comrades from the same country?」

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「Ha…? Those nobles are not my friends. There’s no point to them being alive anyways. I burned their life so they would sing that hymn for God’s judgement that will begin now.」

「…I see.」

It seems like this guy is much more of a low-life than I thought.

「Kuku, but man… to care about the nobles of the enemy nation, you’re quite the naive swordsman, aren’t you… Eh!?」

Gregor said, and came towards me at a moderate speed.


Unleashing a clumsy downswing.

I held my sword horizontally and calmly caught the blow.

At the moment when our swords collided, a puzzled expression formed on his face.

「Hmm, that’s odd… Why can you defend against an insubstantial ash sword? What kind of ability is that darkness?」