Merchable method

Merchable method

“No, even if you say that ...”

I haven’t gotten over the shock yet, but the High Priestess suddenly asked me to be her errand boy.

I’m told that I’ll also be given a tour of the city, but I don’t feel like it.

On the contrary...

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“Are you sure?”

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“Of what?”

“I might immediately run away, right? Break through the barrier and stuff.”

You can’t just give me free reign like that, right? I tried to ask.

Then, as if the High Priestess had seen through everything....

“Fufufufufu, could you do it though? Nay, in the first place... if thou could escape as it is, why not do as thou would like?”

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If you can break the barrier, then break it.

Before that, if you don’t mind running away with this test result, then run away.

It sounded like she was saying that, and of course I had no choice but to accept that I couldn’t just turn my tail and run away.

“Damn it!!”

It’s pathetic. And I’m ashamed of myself. I thought I was much stronger than before...